Hobby Lobby refusing to worship Caesar

Hobby Lobby and at least 42 others are defying the state God that has been using our money and good faith to promote their religious immorality for decades. It is about time!!

I would suggest to you though, that there is a fundamental error in this whole mess that got us where we are now. That is, claiming morality and the Christian religion as a separate belief that is claimed by certain religious Companies and institutions. This is not the founders and framers belief at all. Christian institutions and companies have had this misconception for decades. The perpetrator, in this case the state, is the institution that is supposed to ensure that Hobby Lobby has the freedom to conduct business as they, Hobby Lobby, morally decide. The state is supposed to enforce God’s Laws, the Ten Commandments, so Hobby Lobby can do business freely. The Beckett fund lawyers may think they have to take the religious freedom approach for the courts but that doesn’t help the overall problem for us all.

The founding and framing documents pertained to limits on government, but assuming God and the Bible. This is why they are so brief, unlike Obama care. America was founded as a civil society most like the Kingdom of God. Evangelicals hate that, because that means as they know, they are not doing their job. The job of the church in America is teach the individual the Knowledge of God, so His Laws are on the heart and mind. And government fits into this plan. Sorry, no secular government.

The weak links are the “priests”, the churches, who are supposed to educate the population about God so they can control government through voting and other means. The ”disciples” trained in the churches are supposed to “go out ” to every area of society and promote the kingdom of God as the authority. Similar to the beliefs of our forefathers the Puritanics.

Most of these Christian organizations have given their profits to churches and other evangelical ministries who do little, if any, to fight this out of control government which wants to be God, void of the love, compassion and freedom of the real one. These Christian companies are not only in a tight spot with our marxist government but their friends who they gave funds to are powerless to help until there is a fundamental change in their “religion”.  Perhaps, from “closet Christianity” to foundational “American Christian nationism.”

But, this resistance is a good sign. There are plenty of Americans ready to do battle. What we need is a track record of warriors fighting for freedom. This might give us momentum.

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